I turn 36 today and I honestly cannot believe it. I really cannot believe it.

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I rolled over in the middle of the night to check the time. 1:47AM June 17th. It was official. I’m 36 years old. I took a breath and closed my eyes hoping to go back to sleep, but day-three period cramps rushed me to the bathroom instead.

After washing my hands I looked in the mirror and saw fine lines and dark circles under my eyes. Really? An hour and forty-seven minutes into my thirty-sixth year of life and this is what it’s hittin’ for…

I can’t get catcalled if I don’t leave the house

Black woman holding a cup of coffee while looking out her window.
Black woman holding a cup of coffee while looking out her window.
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Admittedly, I don’t like humans that much. While the species has shown great examples of kindness, love, and capability, they’ve also shown breathtaking forms of the complete antithesis. Too cowardly to invest energy to decipher which human has which trait, I’ve chosen a life of simplicity and solitude. I have a small tribe that waters me whenever my soil needs it, but for the most part, I keep quiet and keep my distance.

This existence runs parallel with the conditions Covid-19 has placed us all in. To steer clear of the virus that has crippled the U.S. economy and taken…

I just witnessed the lynching of a black man, but don’t worry Ted, I’ll have those deliverables to you end of day.

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Between Amy Cooper’s Oscar worthy Central Park performance, Ahmaud Arbery shooting death in Georgia, Breonna Taylor’s assassination inside her Louisville home, and the Minneapolis murder of George Floyd, black people in America are running on fumes.

We’re tired, angry, confused and yet, this space is familiar to us. This place of torment and trauma has become a home of sorts. The cycle begins in the far corners of Twitter with rumblings of a killing. …

Sir, you barely have 100 followers. Relax yourself.

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I’m always impressed with the sheer audacity of some men. The comfort they exude when expressing their brazen, unwarranted opinions has often left me, a writer, speechless. And just when I think I’ve reached my ‘Boys Who Say and Do Brazen Things” quota, I soon realize I’m wrong.

Well before the quarantine became a thing I started playing around with makeup. Dipping my toes into the world of foundation, blush, bronzer and more has been a humbling experience. I once believed only insecure, airhead girls wore makeup, but as I began to…

Illustration: Jacob Rochester

The Ultimate Guide to Black Men’s Hair

Don’t stress your hair’s natural process — roll out the silver carpet for it

Salt and pepper have always been an iconic duo — a seasoning starter kit for struggle chefs everywhere. But when it comes to scalps and scruff, the color combo suggests an air of mastery. Bad Boys for Life got it all wrong: Today’s virility means skipping the Midnight Cocoa Bean hair dye and letting those grays come out to play.

Gone are the days when gray hair signaled that a man has begun his descent, becoming a relic of yesteryear. Now, the black and whites that pepper a man’s strands indicate mountains climbed and lessons learned. Not everyone makes it…

Everybody plays the fool.

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Iyana notified the group chat that she cut her finger while cleaning her blender, which prompted an urgent FaceTime. Using cotton balls and duck tape to bandage her wound she explained to me in detail how she came this close to filing for disability.

As the conversation weaved its way out of her bloody blender it sauntered into familiar territory between friends. A “How are you?” with those who don’t know you’re nursing a broken heart merits a “I’m fine, just hanging in there.” A “How you doing?” …

Diarrhea and cramps? I hate it here.

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I was 11 years old the first time I got my period and for more than 20 years I’ve had to bear cramps that range from uncomfortable to fetus-position-inducing painful. One would assume that the older you get the more equipped you become to handle the physical pain that visits you every month. Well, I’m not. For as long as I’ve had my menstrual cycle I’ve never been okay with the war on terror that takes place in my uterus.

And before the wretched red sea appears the period pimples, period beard and…

‘Random messages from your ex’ is the new virus sweeping the nation

A photo of an annoyed black woman on her phone.
A photo of an annoyed black woman on her phone.
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It started out as a typical day. I was working from home (like most of us) and had taken a break from a round of editing when I received the message that would throw my whole day off course. Brief in length, but heavy in its audaciousness nonetheless, I shook my head in disbelief (?) when I realized who the note came from.

“Stay safe out there,” he wrote. “Don’t catch the virus.”

With the strength of Harriet Tubman and all 300-plus slaves she freed, I took a deep sigh and rolled my eyes. It was just eight words. Eight…

The road to sexy for a lot of women can be as titillating as it is turbulent, but it’s still a road many have not traveled.

Photo Credit: Leighann Blackwood (Unsplash)

It had been a month since Sugar Cookie’s move to Miami and while she was unpacked, she was still emotionally sorting through so much. Mourning a former full time journalism career in her native New York in favor of sun, sand and water, building a new life and unfortunately, the loss of a lover.

I too was shedding the hope I had for a man. My ex, a Mississippian, shattered more than my heart…

Shenequa Golding

I hate everyone.

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