I can’t get catcalled if I don’t leave the house

Black woman holding a cup of coffee while looking out her window.

Admittedly, I don’t like humans that much. While the species has shown great examples of kindness, love, and capability, they’ve also shown breathtaking forms of the complete antithesis. Too cowardly to invest energy to decipher which human has which trait, I’ve chosen a life of simplicity and solitude. I have…

The Ultimate Guide to Black Men’s Hair

Don’t stress your hair’s natural process — roll out the silver carpet for it

Salt and pepper have always been an iconic duo — a seasoning starter kit for struggle chefs everywhere. But when it comes to scalps and scruff, the color combo suggests an air of mastery. Bad Boys for Life got it all wrong: Today’s virility means skipping the Midnight Cocoa Bean…

Shenequa Golding

Shenequa is a Gemini which means Shenequa is dope as all get out!

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